Rehan Ali

Try To Be A Rainbow in Someone‘s Cloud.

AU Damon:

Since Elena has given birth to their baby boy Jacob, Damon hasn’t stopped worrying yet. Continuously by his boy’s side.

Damon tells Jacob his future plans for them while he slowly drifts to sleep. “You are my life” Damon whispers while kissing his forehead, flashing him a smile before joining Elena in bed again.


My Nana abu is not in this World anymore ! Please recite Surah Fatiha as you read this and pray for his Maghfirat .. My mother is shattered after this , pray for her too !

Two people who meet and share such a connection, do more than fall in love; they change each other deeply and irrevocably.

Unknown (via dahlia—noir)

تصبح على خير


With every goodnight
my soul feels the weight
of absence.

Oh restless soul
don’t you understand that all separation is

Good night is not goodbye.
And even if it is, goodbye is
not the end.

For the most beautiful reunion
in the life after this.


"O que falta para eu entender que acabou? Que dor falta sentir?”
Tati Bernardi


"O que falta para eu entender que acabou? 
Que dor falta sentir?”

Tati Bernardi

If you love someone, but not ready to propose to her (through her walee). Then love her in silence. Because your silence means you respect her, for not pursuing her to make a haram relationship. Because your silence means you protect her heart. Because your silence is one of the proofs that you love her,means you respect your own self. The girl that you love is a person that ALLAH probably has chosen for you.

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And I’m drunk on the sound
of your voice, echoing here.

Anna Akhmatova, White Night  (via lipstick-bullet)